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Free List of Metro Detroit Bank Owned Homes!

Never Miss a new Michigan Bank Owned listing again!




Please complete and submit the form below e-mail address must be valid as the list is delivered via e-mail.

There are many thousands of bank owned, REO, foreclosures, and HUD homes available so  I MUST have the following information to process your request. Answers to ALL the following questions in the comments box and a valid e-mail address is required.

  • Type of property you would like to buy (condo, residential, multi-family, etc.)
  • Construction (brick, frame, etc.)
  • Minimum square footage.
  • Number of Bedrooms Minimum.
  • Number of Bathrooms Minimum (1.5, 2, etc.)
  • House features you would like (basement, garage, etc.)
  • Cities, zip codes, or areas you would consider.
  • Price Range ($20,000-$40,000, $300,000-$450,000, etc.)
  • Type of financing (Cash, 10% down conventional, etc.)
  • If financing with a mortgage have you been pre-approved, and with what company.
  • Are you working with a Real Estate Agent.

Here's your chance to be notified of all new bank owned listings that meet your criteria, e-mailed absolutely FREE!

To:  Bob Mitchell

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